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I work tirelessly for my clients and look at every possibility that is available to them. I love to form real relationships, it’s not just business for me.

This one is very important! When your mortgage is up for renewal you will receive renewal paperwork from your current lender. Do not just sign those papers without doing some shopping! That is where I come in. My goal is to look around at all the available options for your renewal and together, we can decide does it make sense to renew with the current lender or, are you going to save a lot of money by going to a new lender with a better rate and product for you? This shopping pays off in spades. The goal here is to always be aware of your options and make an informed, educated decision before signing the dotted line.

Mortgage Agent Jennifer Charles offers Mortgage Renewal Services to clients across Durham Region, GTA and Canada wide.

Mortgage Services by Jennifer Charles Include

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